Recycled "Mystery Box" rPETG, 1.75mm, Minimum 5kg

Recycled "Mystery Box" rPETG, 1.75mm, Minimum 5kg

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Box of "Mystery Colour" 100% recycled rPETG 3D printing filament, minimum 5 kg. 1.75 mm (±0.05 mm tolerance). The raw material is discarded 3D prints, post-industrial waste from New Zealand and Australia, and filament that didn't meet our high quality standards.

Do you print a lot? Do you like bargains? Do you like surprises? Then the "Mystery Box" is for you! This box contains 6 spools of "Mystery Colour" 100% recycled rPETG filament, with a combined filament weight of at least 5 kg (it may contain as much as 6 kg if you are lucky, but we only guarantee that it contains a minimum of 5 kg).

“Mystery Colour” means that it is a colour that didn’t come out as expected. It is often caused by the transition from one colour to another in our filament extrusion machine. Some Mystery Colour spools are also the result of colour trials. We frequently add new colours to the range of KiwiFil filaments, and it can take several attempts before we find the correct colour. Instead of just throwing away or recycling this miscoloured filament, you get it in this bargain box. Win win! The filament is perfectly printable, but you may never be able to get the same colour again.

The colour of the filament will be a surprise. It could be absolutely anything. It could be beautiful blue, translucent purple, brilliant red, glistering silver, puke green, milk tea beige, or anything you could imagine. It can even transition from one colour to another on the same spool. The spools could be of the same colour, or they could all be different. You won't know until you open the box.

Made in New Zealand. All-paper spools. The spools are individually packed in heavy-duty resealable zipper bags with desiccant. 

Recommended settings: Nozzle: 240-250°C. Bed: 70-85°C.

Price is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and includes 15 % GST (Goods and Services Tax).

P.S. If you want a specific colour, add a note to your order or send us an email immediately after ordering, and we will try our best to fulfill that, but no guarantee that we can.

P.P.S. Want to mix rPETG and rPLA pro? We can do that as well! Just add a note to your order.