Your purchase saves birds and trees!

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For every spool of KiwiFil filament you purchase, we donate to the rescue of the unique New Zealand birds Kiwi and Kakapo. We also donate to tree planting, and offset the estimated CO2 emissions from the manufacturing and transport through certified programs.

Kiwi and Kakapo conservation

New Zealand is home to some unique birds. The national symbol is the Kiwi, a nocturnal flightless bird with nostrils on the end of its long beak! It is endangered and it is unlikely that you will spot one in the wild. While they looks cute and often are featured in cartoons, kiwis are fierce and can be highly territorial. Operation Nest Egg and Kiwis for Kiwis are working hard to protect the remaining 20,000 Kiwi birds from predators and other threats.

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A North Island Brown Kiwi at Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park in Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand. Photo by The.Rohit, CC BY 2.0

Even more endangered is the Kakapo, the world's heaviest parrot. It is also nocturnal and flightless, and there are only about 200 Kakapos left in the world. An intense rescue mission to save the Kakapo from extinction is run by the Kakapo Recovery program.

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Sirocco is the world's most famous Kakapo, and he is the "spokes bird" for the species. He has his own Wikipedia page and twitter account. Photo by Department of Conservation, New Zealand.

Tree planting

For every 10 kg of KiwiFil filament sold, we plant one tree through

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CO2 offset

The estimated CO2 emissions from manufacturing and transport each 1 kg spool of KiwiFil PLA filament is about 0.7 kg. You can read HERE how we came up to this number. To be on the safe side, we have doubled that number and offset 1.4 kg of CO2 for each spool sold through Gold Standard certified programs.

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Total amount of donations

The total amount donated to conservation, tree planting, and CO2 offset will depend on the sales, but we estimate that they will be equivalent to about 5-10 % of KiwiFil 3D Ltd.'s net profit.

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