Return packaging and prints for recycling

Are you also sick and tired of empty filament spools piling up in your printer room? Feeling guilty sending that broken Baby Yoda to landfill? It's your lucky day, because KiwiFil was created to close the loop on 3D printing! This is what we can and cannot recycle:

Want to print the recycling information? Download it as printer friendly PDF here.

Being a small company, we unfortunately can't cover the shipping cost, but you can drop it off for free at our factory in Tokoroa if you don't want to mail it, or you can drop it off at our fabulous re-seller Marvle 3D in Auckland.

FAQ about recycling

Do I get anything in return for sending prints and packaging to KiwiFil? I mean, don't you make a lot of money from the returned prints?

The truth is that there is no money in recycling. We would make much more money if we used all new material and didn't bother about re-using or recycling, but that wouldn't be the right thing to do.

KiwiFil was created to close the loop on 3D printing and make it more sustainable. We felt guilty for using a lot of plastic and thought there had to be a way to make 3D printing less wasteful. Re-using spools and all the other packing material and recycling unwanted prints is the right thing to do even if we make less money that way. It will take a community effort to make it happen, and we do need your help in keeping everything clean and sorted, and by returning it all to us. We know this is extra trouble and cost, so if you like, we will give you a bit of store credit that can be used at - but only if you return it directly to us at KiwiFil in Tokoroa! Our resellers are currently not offering any store credit; it is simply too difficult for them to administrate, we hope you understand.

- Boxes and spools: $1/each
- Clean KiwiFil PLA pro, KiwiFil rPLA pro and KiwiFil rPETG suitable for recycling: $1/kg
- Zipper bags: $0.25/each
- Desiccant packages and box/bag instruction card: $0.1/each.

Make sure you include your contact details in the shipment so we can send you a digital gift card. If you haven't heard anything from us within a month, please send us an email to make sure we haven't missed you note.

Returning discarded prints to KiwiFil sounds like a lot of trouble. Can't I just throw them in the council recycling bin?

No! 3D prints will not be recycled if you put them in the regular recycling bin - they will be sent directly to landfill. The only 3D printed related items that can be recycled through the council are cardboard boxes and cardboard spools. The plastic filament bags can be recycled through the soft plastics recycling scheme, but if you return them to KiwiFil they will actually be re-used (provided they are clean and in good condition, of course).

Can I return 3D prints made from any brand of filament, or only KiwiFil filament?

To ensure that the quality of the filament made from the recycled prints stays top notch, we can only accept prints made from KiwiFil filament, unfortunately. If you have a large amount of clean and neatly sorted prints made from other brands, please send us a message as we may be able to recycle them.

Can I see the recycling in person? It sounds so cool!

Yes, but only by appointment. KiwiFil is a working factory and we stay very busy, but if we can fit it in our schedule you are more than welcome to visit us in Tokoroa.

Mailing/drop off address

Packaging material for re-use and 3D prints for recycling can be mailed to, or dropped off by appointment at our factory:

KiwiFil 3D Ltd.
24 Campbell Street
Tokoroa, 3420
South Waikato
New Zealand

Please note - we have recently moved from Auckland to Tokoroa. Please don't send anything to our old address in Auckland.

However, you can now drop off in Auckland at our fabulous re-seller Marvle 3D (note that you may not get any store credit if you drop it off here, but you will still help closing the loop on 3D printing):

Marvle 3D
9C Piermark Drive
Auckland, 0632
New Zealand

Questions? Send us an email!

Thank you for closing the loop on 3D printing!

 // Eva & Bill