Collection: 100 % Recycled PLA pro Filament

Our PLA filament is made in New Zealand from discarded and failed 3D prints that were shredded and remelted, and from filament that didn't meet our high quality standards. It prints like regular PLA pro filament, and gives strong parts and a glossy finish. We think this might be the world's first commercial filament made from discarded 3D prints.

>> Money back guarantee <<

Because this filament is made from 100 % recycled plastics, the colour and properties can vary slightly from batch to batch. We have a very meticulous quality control process that includes sorting, cleaning, grinding, and then twice filtering of the melted plastics before it is extruded into filament. The filament diameter is controlled twice - both in the extruding process and in the re-spooling process. We are also doing extensive test printing and mechanical testing to ensure this recycled plastic filament is as good as the virgin (new) material.

However, if this filament doesn't work well in your printer, let us know and we will refund you, no matter how little is left on your spool.

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