Return prints and packaging for recycling

We all end up with failed prints now and then, or prints that just didn't work out as planned. 3D prints should not be placed in your regular curbside recycling bin. Instead, send them to us for recycling into new filament! :-)


We will happily accept discarded PLA and PETG prints for recycling. It is super important that the materials are separated and labeled. We also take back KiwiFil spools, KiwiFil boxes, KiwiFil plastic zipper bags, and desiccant packages for re-use (or recycling if they cannot be re-used).

You will cover the cost of shipping, and we will give you store credit that can be used at

- Discarded 3D prints: $1/kg
- Boxes and spools: $1/each
- Zipper bags: $0.25/each
- Desiccant packages: $0.1/each.

Dos and Don'ts when returning 3D prints for recycling


  • Separate and label the different materials. We currently only recycle PLA and PETG into new filament. If PLA and PETG gets mixed in the recycling process, the whole batch may be destroyed.
  • If you have more than just a few large pieces, please separate the colours; it will save a lot of work for us. Different shades of the same colour (for example red) can go in the same bag or box.
  • Include complete or failed prints, as well as support and wide brims.
  • Mail it to:
    KiwiFil 3D Ltd.
    6B Piermark Drive
    Auckland, 0632
    New Zealand


  • Don't include large amounts of "spaghetti", skirts, prime strings or other tiny tiny pieces. These will either get tangled up in the shredder or fall right through it.
  • Don't send prints during lockdown Levels 4 or 3. If you want to send during Level 4 or 3, please contact us for an alternative address as our workshop may be closed for deliveries.
  • Don't throw your prints in the trash - send them to us for recycling instead! :-)